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Benefits & Mechanics

Benefits & Mechanics of Mega More Card

What are the benefits of the Mega More Card?

The more often customers shop at Mega Mall, the more they benefit!

  • Secure Discounts from over 60 shops in Mega Mall
  • Mega Mall Special Privileges
  • SMS and Email Broadcast for in-mall events
  • Double your chances of winning during raffle draws
  • Plus! Chances to win various prizes from cars, cash, and gifts from Mega Mall tenants, vouchers, raffles and much more!

How do I avail of the Mega More Benefits? Mechanics?

Instant Discounts
  • Visit any of the Mega More affiliated/ participating shops
  • To date, we have over 60 shops, including leading and exclusive retailers are participants of Mega More. Attached is the complete list with corresponding discounts and offers.
  • Present your Mega More card with any purchase
  • The more you spend, the more you save, up to an astonishing 75%!

What are the communication efforts of the Mall?

In Mall In Store
  • Booth Panels
  • In-Mall Signage
  • Escalator Banners
  • Car Park Entrance Light Box
  • Car Park Exit Light Box
  • Window Sticker
  • Hanging Window Decals
  • Counter/ Cashier A4 Signage
  • Mega More Partners
The Bravo (Mega Mart) Card
Seattle IT, a sister company of Mega Mall will manage the administration of the Mega More Card. Seattle IT has impressively and successfully implemented loyalty schemes across different industries, predominantly the Multi-Participant Loyalty operator called "Bravo".

The Bravo Card gained immensely positive results, securing over 65,000 members to date. New and existing Bravo members will benefit from the Mega More privileges.


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